FACTR: Restoring Spirit

About Us

Family Alliance For Counseling Tools and Resolution

We promote the resilience and well-being of refugees and immigrants through counseling, forensic services, educational workshops and opportunities for cultural exchange with the larger community. We are a 501(c) (3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization.

Creating Smiles…
…Creating Hope

FACTR is a multicultural research, service, training and development organization and we are fortunate to collaborate and partner with many other immigrant and refugee serving organizations in Santa Clara County, California.

Why are we different?

  • While there are others, FACTR is unique in its mental health promotion and early intervention focus.
  • FACTR approaches mental health from a micro- as well as a macro-level perspective.
  • FACTR conceptualizes the delivery of mental health services at an individual and/or family level as well as at a community psychology and community capacity building level.

What do we mean by a community psychology and community capacity building level?

At this level, the total context is addressed to promote emotional well-being and resilience of the individual newcomers; where the newcomer community and the receiving community work together to achieve broad goals of integration. FACTR uses the universal language of arts and humanities to achieve our objectives of cultural exchange, micro-enterprise, prevention, community education and empathy building.