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The 3 Cs Program

We are a nation of immigrants and we will continue to receive immigrants and their children. Adjusting to life in a new land is equally challenging for young children. American born children may fear difference, and without guidance, may exhibit their fears in negative ways, such as bullying. New to the country and culture, and likely not proficient English speakers, immigrant children who are bullied are less likely to seek help from authority figures. Prevention is key!

The 3 Cs in this program stand for Culture, Compassion, and Connection. The 3 Cs program is a social/emotional learning experience that helps preschoolers develop an understanding of and appreciation for a range of cultures.

  • Culture
    The 3 Cs program increases children’s awareness of and appreciation for their own culture, and for the culture of their peers.
  • Compassion
    The 3 Cs program creates a positive and healthy social environment where differences can be explored in a safe way and where children develop empathy and compassion for children who are different from them.
  • Connection
    The 3 Cs program brings American-born children together with newcomer children and engages them in fun and educational activities.

Goals of the 3 Cs Program

  • To support and promote the healthy social and emotional development of all children.
  • To create classrooms that welcome newcomer children and prevent discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, bias and racism.
  • To support children’s natural curiosity about difference and respond to their questions about difference in a developmentally appropriate way that demonstrates respect and anti-bias.