Arts and Culture

Footprints Guild

The Footprints Guild brings together artists and artisans from around the world and helps them in entrepreneurship at the community scale. This micro-enterprise project allows the artists to present their work in the marketplace to encourage self-sufficiency and realization. It showcases the diversity of the community and enhances the cultural education of the greater community.

The artists for this exhibit were:

Oleg Volfovsky
Ziep Pham
Senad Garic

Thank you for sharing your Talent, Artists!

Goals of the Footprints Guild

  • To obtain recognition, understanding and welcoming for newcomer artists and artisans from the larger community.
  • To participate in and contribute to the larger community and gain a sense of belonging.
  • To achieve solidarity, support, a sense of community and encouragement from fellow newcomer artists and artisans across cultures.
1961 Young Cuban Refugee