Clinical Collaboration

Amigos de Guadalupe

for Justice and Empowerment

“Amigos de Guadalupe creates a vibrant, self-sustaining Mayfair community by ensuring that the basic needs of our community and families are met, delivering high-quality educational programs, and activating and mobilizing for advocacy.” [and] “addresses inequities through community organizing and advocacy, education (inclusive of ESL, citizenship classes, after-schools and summer programming for young children and youth), and direct social service.

In collaboration with Amigos de Guadalupe…

FACTR has participated and continues to collaborate with Amigos de Guadalupe to successfully provide individual and family therapeutic services and case management needs. FACTR collaborated in the provisions of the Immigration Hardship Center Program, Deportation Anxiety and Trauma, and the Mentored Internship Program. In this capacity, we have successfully created a long-lasting partnership in serving our communities’ immigrant and at-risk populations.

Amigos De Guadalupe